Security and privacy

To I.R. I. Agency privacy and security are two indispensable values. That is why we provide services for their protection to both private citizens, businesses and professionals.

Our experience within the sector allow us to work with the confidence and capability the modern world requires: our rights to privacy and protection of information is more and more compressed, and for this reason it is necessary to provide the appropriate preventive remedies but also answer the violations suffered.

  • Investigations on leaked and retrieved data;
  • environmental reclamation;
  • telephone reclamations;
  • electronic reclamations;
  • security plan;
  • video surveillance;
  • scanning network and devices;
  • cyber security;
  • investigations related to harassment, blackmail, or threats;
  • anti-tailing services;
  • expert in calligraphy, typing skills and dattiloscopiche.