Legal advice d.lgs. no. 196/2003


Personal information you freely share with us will be treated in order to: a) provide the requested service and to enable IRI Agency to respond to your needs , b) provide, upon your explicit consent, commercial and/or promotional information and send advertising material about products , services and other activities of the IRI Agency. The processing of data for each of the above mentioned purposes will be handled on paper, automated via computer systems and , in particular, by regular mail or electronic mail, or telephone (by automated calls, sms, mms, etc. ) and fax.


The provision of personal data is always optional, however, the data marked with an asterisk are "mandatory" , or else the service requested cannot be provided . Failure to provide data not marked as "mandatory" will not prevent the attainment of the service.


Your personal data, gathered by this registration, can be processed by our staff members responsible for the management of the service requested and planned marketing activities and/by the head/s of data treatment or the agency to which the data were communicated as provided below.


Your personal information may be disclosed to third parties to fulfill legal obligations, or to comply with orders from public authorities or to exercise a right in court.


This 'Cookie Policy' is intended to provide, in line with the principle of transparency that governs the relationship with our customers, informations on the types, purposes and methods of use/management of cookies sent while browsing on website operated by IRI Agency.
What are cookies? Cookies are small text strings that are sent from a website to the browser you use for navigation, stored on the device (eg. Computer, Tablet, Smartphone, etc.) and transmitted back to the same site to the next visit of user. Usually a cookie string containing the name of the website from which the cookie has come, the "lifetime" of the cookie, and a value, which is usually a unique number generated randomly. There are two types of cookies:
- "first hand" when they are managed directly by the owner and/or publisher of the website (IRI Agency);
- "third party" when cookies are managed by entities outside the website visited by the user.
-First Party Cookie: cookies play an important role in web browsing. We use cookies to improve and facilitate user experience by storing, for example, some information on the browser used by him (eg, language, etc.) and avoid having to re-enter the login data to the site. I.R.I. Agency does not use first-party cookies in order to track the online behavior of users of websites run for their marketing purposes. Cookies do not allow us to recognize the individuals who visit our website, but only the browser used for navigation, unless the user have not logged into account.
Which cookies we use? Below the description of the types of first-party cookies sent from website:
• technical cookies: technical cookies are essential for the proper operation of certain sections of the site and are used to allow users to normal navigate and the ability to use the services available on our website, without which the users could not function properly. Our website uses or may use, in combination with each other, the following categories of technical cookies, divided according to the classification proposed in Opinion 04/2012 on the exemption from the consent to the use of cookies issued by the Group of Work ex art. 29 within the EU (available here:;
• persistent cookies: that allow, for example, to: • allow users to access the customer without having to constantly login; • remember any actions that users (eg. completing a form) when you return to the previous page of a session.
- Session cookies: that are sent to the device/browser users to meet the technical and functional requirements (eg the transmission of session identifiers required for authentication to restricted areas) but are not permanently stored on the users computers erased at the end of the "session" by simply closing the browser.


The data holder is I.R.I. Agency, legally rapresented by its owner, with offices in Via dei Mille, 48 in Sassari.


According to art. 7 D.lgs. 196/2003 it is your right to access your data, get the updates without delays or cancellation for any treatment in violation of the law, to object to the processing of your personal data for commercial or advertising purposes and to request the complete and updated list of all charge of handling, by writing to IRI Agency, Via dei Mille n.48 - 07100 Sassari.